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From From Our Fields To Your Fork




At our farm We work hard to raise our pastured chickens and turkeys in a sustainable manner. AS close to natural as possible.

We do not use growth hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.

Some of our laying flock enjoying a fresh drink of water.

Some of our laying flock enjoying a fresh drink of water.


Our Egg Layers

Our egg layers are made up of several different heritage breeds of chicken. Our flock consists of Black Australorps, Buff Orpingtons, Brown Leghorns, Easter Eggers, Plymouth Barred Rocks, White Barred Rocks, and Silver Wyandottes which gives us a very colorful egg display. Our chickens are allowed to free range inside and electric fence that is moved around the farm on a regular basis. Their job on the farm besides producing eggs is helping to fertilize the fields and with insect control


Our Broilers Out On Pasture


Heritage breeds raised on pasture are chickens like your grandma used to raise and most people believe they have a little better flavor than store bought chicken. Heritage breed chickens take a little longer to reach maturity. This in combination with allowing to be on pasture gives them the increased flavor. However raising them on pasture allows them to be more active causing more muscle development. To keep them tender they should be cooked at a lower temperature for a longer time.  We like to cook ours in the crock-pot with an envelope of Lipton Onion soup mix, or smoke in the smoker or bake.  Very flavorful!!



We raise Bourbon Red heritage turkeys on our farm. Bourbon Reds were selectively bred as a meat bird, and was an important variety in the turkey industry throughout the 1930s and 1940s. Like most turkey breeds, it declined after the commercial adoption of the Broad Breasted White. Populations began to recover in the early 21st century, and today it is one of the most popular heritage turkey breeds in the U.S. The Bourbon Red is also included in Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste, a catalog of heritage American foods in danger of extinction.

These breeds grow slower than the commercially raised broad breasted turkeys and do not get as heavy in weight. Properly raised Heritage Turkeys take 28 weeks to become a well-proportioned and nutritious, table bird. Compared to an average of 16 weeks for the Broad Breasted Whites that dominate the stores As a heritage breed they are biologically fit to be raised on pasture foraging for additional food to eat along with the supplemental non-GMO feed we provide. A properly balanced diet is key to their development. Our turkeys enjoy all the bugs and grasses they can find. They are definitely a beautiful addition to our farm as we watch them strut around and gobble and they make a great tasting table bird for your special meal.


We love to spend time in our garden. There is not a better place to unwind from the world than to spend time working in the garden. It is always an exciting time as we begin to harvest what we have watched grow from a seed. This year we are expanding the size of our garden so that we will be able to share it with others as we explore the local markets. We are hoping to open a farm stand this year. We are not presently certified organic but we are trying to use organic practices.


our mission

We love our farm


At our farm we choose to grow produce and animals the old fashioned way.  As close to natural as possible. We do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids